Portronics POR470 Scanny 6 Portable Scanner

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  • Brand: Portronics
  • Product Code: POR470
  • Availability: 20


  • Dependent device: Customer can carry the scanner anywhere and scan without the need of any computer
  • Storage: Scans are stored in memory card in the scanner and the can transferred to Mobile for sharing with others. The scanner can support maximum 32 GB memory
  • LCD Display: The scans can be seen on the scanner itself on 1.44 inch screen to be sure of the scan quality
  • Speed and Quality:Scan can be completed in minimum 3 seconds for an A4 page. Scans can be done in Low DPI of 300 DPI or higher DPIs of 600 and 1050 DPI
  • Portability: Anyone can carry the scanner in his pocket or laptop bag and makes it most portable device


Battery Life More Than 800 Scans
Display 1.44 Inch Colour display
Output JPG & PDF
Resolution 1050, 600, 300 DPI
Model No. POR 470

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